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Who We Are

Ian Wimpeney has been a co-director for the past thirteen years but is now delighted to be the managing director of his brand-new company RLPS Ltd, 

Ian began his career as a steeplejack in 1977 when he worked for the original Santon International Steeplejack company. During his time there he attended Bircham Newton CITB Training College where he won the Dr Short Award for the most outstanding trainee of the year.

He then went on to become an advanced steeplejack and foreman working on various projects nationwide. He also spent some time working with a crew of steeplejacks in South Africa.

Due to the decline of the cotton industry in Manchester and surrounding areas, many functioning mill chimneys fell into disuse and the demand for this specialised field declined. As a result, Ian decided to make the move into lightning protection. He began as a trainee at Santon Steeplejacks and quickly became a foreman and supervisor, overseeing a number of lightning protection engineers and steeplejack crews.

During the last 30 years, Ian has attained prolific experience in all aspects of lightning protection. This has earned him a reputation in the industry as a reliable and experienced professional who aspires to deliver a personal and high-quality service to his clients.

In their first year of trading, RLPS Ltd is also delighted to have received the BSG Small Business of the Year Award 2018.

The Team

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